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released September 2, 2014



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Track Name: Give me a call
Too late, I should’ve known
I’ve been living it all over
I must be wrong again
Give me a call
Waiting all by yourself
For men to come and change your life
I think your better off all by yourself
Waiting all by my lonesome self
Singing the world to hell
Missing a graceful hand
I got it all
Robots, hot chicks on cars,
Monsters, rockets to mars,
Sad clowns, and all the puppy dogs
Give me a call
Track Name: Bloodnstuff
Young boy wears make up
He took a short dance class on how to survive
He swears that he’s ugly, but he’s got no choice
Too dumb to see past his eyes
He’ll never find a way to filter out the noise of all other sons
Young girl needs a wake up
She’s got a big dark hole inside of her mind
It fills and sucks down liquid of fermented types
Too dark to find a way out
She’ll never find a way
To follow the bread crumbs that lead to the light
Track Name: Fire out at sea
A moment of desire
A fire out at sea
The modern truth that you offer
Aint doing it for me
I don’t think you know
You’re so impractical
A hydro compensation
Poseidon’s jealousy
Knows no bounds to human nature
He’ll never be that free
I don’t think you know you’re so impractical
Track Name: The cow people
An impossible task
Not to repeat our past
Institutions decayed and the demons did laugh
Hope had somehow survived
On our darkest of nights
Superstitions supposed that a savior would rise
Free to live in relief
Though the moments were brief
A future is still possible just wait and see
Left with nothing to say
Still no price we could pay
To be released from the bondage that our fear had made
A blast from the wreckage had fallen to the world
And after the dust and the sand
Had fell back to earth
In the middle was a small girl
To all believers so futile as they pray
Bring us relief from our ways
Put her in glass and save her for a bad day
The true understanding was censored by the church
Track Name: It's fun to be a kid
It’s Fun to be a Kid

So long
I’ve been living like a fool
Wasting more than daylight
In defiance of the truth
Oh well
I lost who I used to be
Was I someone special?
Or just another nobody
Know that
I am much more then I seem
Still containing matter
But made mostly out of dreams
Their words
Don’t mean anything to me
Just a waste of breath and
Squandered possibilities
Oh well
I’ve been living a lie
It kills me to say I’d rather die then
Fake it
Why keep only a moment?
Life’s too long for you to hold it
Time flows
Over every inch of skin
Slowly carving mountains
Until we are dust again
So fight on
I’ll take every chance I can
To be more than human
To be more then just a man
Oh well
Track Name: One day roses
One day
I’ll be covered in roses
I’ll be covered in cedar
That hold my remains
I’ll stay
So close to your home and
So close to the sea
You’ll never believe
I smell a liar
She’s finding my only song
It’s too late
It’s over
Left wanting a miracle
Life stays
Even through the winter
Even through the spring
Where all is perceived okay
We’ve made it through the hardship
We’ve made it through with ease
To never repeat
You know there is an ending
A slow and steady beat
Decays and recedes
On to
A nothingness that calls you
As if you’d even care
It’s all that is fair
Track Name: Build a monster
Soon I’d find my love had gone
It whispers through the trees
So embarrassed I would feel
To ever be deceived
I found everything in the world that I love
I found everything that I need
So embarrassed I would feel
To ever be deceived

A miracle branding of cure
She’s no savior
We were meant to save her
Free to live in denial
Consequences so vile
We denied her an innocent life as a child
Track Name: Diet cola
A sudden precious moment
The realization that you might just win
And little did you know that if you keep going
You’ll fall again
Soon you’ll be my design
Dark and très suspicious
A motive kept away from other men
Living in the shadows
Quiet and hiding means to an end
Soon you’ll be my design
They sure love their hero
‘Cause villains lurk inside of everyone
And little did they know that such a great smile was a weapon
And most didn’t seem to notice
A shift in rationale and opinion
And hidden in the praise and contempt for living
Rose a lion
Soon you’ll find a better reason to be alive
Basking in the glory of a new archetype
Track Name: Oh you pretty failures
Come on you petty failures be men
Give us a shitty grin and then we shall begin
I don’t think you know what it’s like
To wake up everyday and never see the light
Come on you petty failures be men
Show us a little class
Be proper and relax
Haven’t you ever wanted to be
More than just a tan
That grunts and shows his teeth
Oh there will be blood on all hands
Seen through the weak and simple minded
Oh there will be blood on all hands
Trading their lives for someone else’s plan
Come on you lazy bastards be men
Go look at some fucking art
Make merry and pretend
They don’t know what it takes to be
More than just a man
Something of a dream
Track Name: Titans
Strange men coming up the yard
I’ll be there
Strong as they may look
Old and weakened inside
Odd and uncommonly bizarre
I’ve seen more
Travesties in this land than I could ignore
Slow minded and filled with fear
They’re aware
The big bad wolf got two fat meals with air
Tired, mad, so disgruntled
We’ve lost hope
We’ve been keeping our sheep inside of our homes
Built of clay, brick, and mortar
We’re safe here
Strange men coming up the yard
Hide your wives
Soon they’ll be at our door demanding our lives
“What’s next to come?”, she whispered
And I laughed
Inappropriate thoughts before my death
Strange men knocking at the door
I’ll be there