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released May 21, 2007



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Track Name: Lock the cage
Lock the cage

There´s a stranger in the pack
Sneaking by the walls
Smart and slim, just like a rat
It will find it´s way
Here inside, the crack grows wide
Former friends, now depends
On the lack of self esteem

I was a fool to let your dreams
Grow beyond our reach
Just like a child you start to scream
If the candy´s not for you
Lock the cage, reset the pace
That monkey is growing wild
Hide and seek, we are weak
We´re fading from inside

I guess that times have changed
All the dreams we had in range
Is just a fairytale by now
It´s time the circus leaves town

It is sad, I just don’t care
About the thing I care the most
The old magic just isn´t there
Just a piece of what has been
We are done, over won
By the life we fear the most
Kiss good bye, I wonder why
The music lacks of soul
Track Name: Nyby

I´ve got your wip on my back now
I try to please your beliefs
So let us turn it all in black
Let us paint it all in grief
This place is always too cold now
We try to keep our curtains down
It´s best to stay in and grow old
Weighed by the martyrs crown

I´ve heard, in the world
They live as friends
But it is true, what we do
Is to pretend

Invite all darkness and pain now
Throw a bal in the fields
Yeah God, please pour the rain
Agony is all that is real
Track Name: We don't care
We don´t care

We are cursed, we are damned
We are crap, we are banned
We are everything you wont understand
We are lame, we are fools
We are lost, without clues
We are everything beyond your common rules

We are everything you try not to see
We are everything you try not to be
And everywhere we´ll go we are spit upon
And overdrawn, dead and gone
And that´s good enough for me

You are cool, you are right
You are great, you are delight
You are everything and all, you shine so bright
You are the smile in our face
You are the sunshine in our days
You are everything and all in our ways

We don’t care if you are king
We don’t care if you got wings
We don’t care at all about your things
Cuz we got banned from your tribe
We got banned from your lie
We don’t care at all so don’t you try

We don’t care about your norm
We stay true and we stay poor
We don’t care at all, you´re led astray
We don’t care if you win
If you´re out or you´re in
We don’t care at all, so stay away
Track Name: Feel the cold
Feel the cold

This is as good as it gets
So glue that smile to your face
You´re the bad lucks` pet
Just let the evil embrace you

You´ve kept love far away
You´ve got no one to hold
You´re left out in the rain
And all you feel is the cold
This world is way bigger
Than mummy told

You´ll find a way to cope
At the end of the rope
Sharp needles and dope
Come and share the cold
This world is way bigger
Than mummy told

The pressure over your chest
Wont leave you no rest
The claws are tearing a hole
In both body and soul

The dark clouds are back
Your mind´s about to crack
You need a hand to hold
But all you´ve got is the cold
This world is way bigger
Than mummy told

You´re lost on the outside
Aint that a fact
That you rot from the inside
No turning back
Track Name: In the lion's pit
In the lions pit

There´s something down my throat
Another person that knows my tounge
I´m a torpedo boat
You´re never safe around me here
And you´ll never know
When it´s time to kiss or hide
But this is a two man show
You´re free to run, you´re free to go

You will stay
And you will take the pain
You will smile and act
Like it doesn´t rain

This is not who you are
You were meant for greater things
But I´m the only star
In the sky for you to hold

It´s not okey, not all right
You deserve a better life
Not okey, not all right
But your soul just shines too bright

You haven´t got what it takes
To leave the shadow that you´ve become
And I promise I make
A great fuzz and break you down
And once again it´s us
No chance that you will get away
And you know what you must
To find peace in this lions´ pit

I don’t know
How much you´ll take
But you will love me
Until you break
Track Name: Expectations

I woke up faceless once again
With a bad dream still around
You´re a clown now, little friend
Once again stuck in this town

I feel empty
All the vibes here cuts my flow
So push me gently
I´m on the borderline and ready to blow

I left my future behind
This time to drink and fool around
All these colours keeps me blind
I´m back to walk the infected grounds

This is not right
This is not what it was about
Flashing neon lights
Sure wont ease my pain at night

I can´t take this
It´s true, as soon as I open my door
My greatest fear is
To lose control once more

The loss of beauty
The painful loss of shining bright
Is the cost of duty
And it haunts me day and night

There´s expectations upon my ways
There´s something I´ve got to prove
Just like a pillow, forced over my face
It chokes me, no matter what I do

A life in grey scale
A life of silence and nothing at all
I chase my own tail
I scream and bang my head to the wall
Track Name: Side by side
Side by side

Can´t you tell, this is hell
A cold voice on the phone
Cuts me off, leaves me here
To spend this night in fear
I cant breath, I´m in need
But I will stay alone
Though you´re here
Though you´re near
I know that you wont care

But still we will
Share this hatred
Walking side by side
Yeah, still we will
Share this loneliness
Side by side

That´s the deal, can you feel
My fear of you, my dear
We´ll remain, causing pain
Cuz we are both insane